Staging Your Home to Sell: Screen Appeal Tips and Tricks

Staging Your Home to Sell to Increase Your Screen Appeal

Staging Your Home to Sell

Major changes developed in real estate marketing during the pandemic; virtual showings are much more common than open houses or in-person showing. It is now possible for many sellers to take quality photos and videos, and to upload them in presentation form to real estate websites. Remote visits allow buyers to house shop online and save the in-person showing for the final stages of decision-making.

The key to developing effective virtual showings is getting the “right photos.” One step towards getting perfect photos is to stage your home with the buyer in mind. Here are some suggestions for getting your home prepared for photos and videos that appeal to perfect strangers.

  • Reduce Clutter. The “normal” setting of your home will be too much for photos. The accessories and decorations that make your space feel like home will be unnecessary for your photos. When you “declutter,” look again and declutter some more.
  • Find Balance when Staging Your Home to Sell. Your home will reflect your family with pictures and personal mementos, as well it should. Too many mementos will be detracting and removing everything will create a sterile atmosphere. The key will be to place personal items strategically.
  • Obviously, you prefer the arrangement of your furniture and accessories, but you might consider rearranging your belongings to maximize space and appeal to the majority of viewers.
  • Be Ultra-Clean. Beyond clutter, make sure that every surface is dusted, vacuumed, and mopped. People will take note of every detail visible in a photo.
  • Replace Lightbulbs. Dull lights can ruin otherwise good photos. Purchase matching lightbulbs that produce light similar to natural light for the best results.

Once you have prepared your space, take some test photos, inspect them, make changes, and repeat until you are satisfied with the results. Share your photos and videos with some friends to gauge responses. If you are creating a video, definitely experiment with walking paths, and make sure to avoid tripping hazards—it doesn’t make for good content.

Staging Your Home to Sell When It Is Empty

In some situations, photos can only be taken after you have vacated the home. Here are some suggestions for taking better photos in a vacant space when Staging Your Home to Sell.

  • If you take photos in empty spaces, make sure the space is ultra-clean and follow the lighting suggestions above. Viewers will focus on every detail visible in your photos.
  • Purchase, rent, or borrow enough furniture to stage your home for the requisite photos. A couch, coffee table, and an area rug in the living room will project the size of the room. A simple dining table and a few chairs will accomplish the same task in the kitchen/dining room. A few hand towels and art pieces can project a lived-in feel to your photos.
  • Another option is virtual staging. If you have the tech know-how, DIY apps are available. If not, many online services can help you populate your photos with virtual furniture.

Now That Your Home is Staged – How Do You Share It

Showcasing your home is what we do best! Over four decades of experience in the Houston real estate market, we know that making the first impression is important. We can help you with Staging Your Home to Sell suggestions on home staging to help sell your home quickly. Our team of real estate professionals works diligently to make selling your home a stress-free experience.

Staging Your Home to Sell Questions?

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