EXpert tips

Prepare Your Home To Sell

Selling your home can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking, but being well-prepared and knowing the right steps to take can make the process smoother and less daunting. Here’s a guide to help you kickstart your home-selling journey.


  • Polish front door, remove cobwebs, sweep front porch & sidewalk
  • Trim & mow landscape, replace dead plants, replace mulch
  • Remove debris from driveway & steps
  • Add fresh paint, replace damaged bricks & siding, pressure wash mildew
  • Clean out gutters, downspouts, & roof debris
  • Repair cracked or broken windows
  • Store hoses neatly & make sure sprinklers don’t water the walkway
  • Keep pool, patio area & furniture in clean, orderly condition
  • Add colorful pots & greenery to add an inviting touch


  • Scrub all countertops, floors, and appliances & polish all woodwork
  • Remove clutter, add decorative towels, plants, cookbooks, etc.
  • Clean the inside of the oven & microwave
  • Repair bad faucets
  • Remove dishes, sponges, dishwashing liquid, etc. from sinks and counters
  • Be sure garbage is taken out & trash can is hidden in the utility room or pantry


  • Make all beds. Hang clothes neatly in closets or fold and put in drawers
  • Put away toys, books, & clutter
  • Remove excess furniture & wall decor
  • Use attractive decor, bedspreads, pillows & freshly laundered curtains
  • Clean fan blades, blinds, & light fixtures
  • Hide unattractive computer/stereo/TV/telephone wires & cords


  • Organize closets to show that space is ample
  • Be sure lights work & clothes are neatly hung


  • Put away personal items such as make-up, curling irons, toothpaste, etc
  • Polish the mirrors, floor, fixtures, & countertops
  • Repair caulking around tub & shower if necessary
  • Replace or clean the shower curtain
  • Replace leaking faucets & tile grout if necessary
  • Pick up all dirty clothes & towels and put in the hamper or laundry room
  • Display decorative towels & accents, open a fresh bar of soap


  • Keep your home clean inside & out
  • Open draperies & window blinds to let sunshine in
  • Turn on all lights, keep interior doors open, & keep all toilet lids closed
  • Clean all light fixtures and ceiling fans of dust & dirt
  • Eliminate unpleasant odors such as food, pets, & especially smoke
  • Touch up paint as needed & polish all woodwork
  • Repair loose knobs, sticking doors, & windows
  • Be sure windows, door, drapes, carpets, & staircases are clean
  • Replace old light bulbs with new, high wattage bulbs
  • Be sure all electrical and plumbing systems are in good working order
  • Place fresh flowers throughout or in the kitchen
  • Keep pets out of the way or kenneled for showings
  • Keep a comfortable temperature (cool in the summer & warm in the winter)
  • Leave the stereo/surround sound playing soft music
  • Leave during the showing if possible, otherwise stay out of the way

Garage/Utility Room

  • Keep floors clean & neatly swept
  • Tidy the shelves
  • Remove unnecessary items
  • Put away all clean laundry