Information for Sellers

Curious about your home’s current value?


When you start to think about selling your home, one of the first questions that will come to mind is “What’s my home worth?” While you can spend hours doing your own research and playing guessing games, the best way to find out how much your home is worth is to ask your Realtor®. The Matthews Team knows the Houston real estate market well and can help you quickly determine how much your home is worth so that you can list at a price that will get your home sold.

Not only will the Matthews Team help you determine what your home is worth, but they will also help you prepare your home to sell, provide marketing support, set up showings, and negotiate and execute the best contract possible with the buyer. From initial contact to closing, our team will work hard to provide you with the confidence and security that you need to ensure a successful home sale.



If you are ready to take the first steps in selling your home, we’d love to help. Contact us to get started with the process.