Remodeling Index Finds Home Repairs On The Rise

Maintenance is a big part of being a homeowner. Put simply, owning a home means having a never-ending to-do list and, depending on your level of know-how, some of it will require the help of a professional. These jobs can range from major renovations such as putting an addition on your house to basic upkeep and repairs like having ducts cleaned and fixing leaks. Essentially, you are your home’s temporary caretaker and how well you take care of it will affect not only how comfortable and enjoyable your home is to live in but also how much you can ask for it when you sell. These days, it seems Americans are increasingly interested in fixing up their homes. In fact, newly released data from the National Association of Home Builders shows home remodeling contractors are busy right now. So what kind of jobs are most in demand? Well, results show demand is highest for basic maintenance and repairs, while additions and alterations – both major and minor – saw slight declines during the second quarter. In short, Americans are tackling their to-do lists and fixing up their homes. This could be due to improved economic conditions and a stronger job market, though it may also be that current homeowners are tending to their homes in hopes of listing them someday soon. More here.