Houston Real Estate Agent: A Real MVP

Will a Real Estate Agent in the Houston Market Sell Your Home Faster?

After months of work, you now have your home ready to put on the market. The pre-sale inspection revealed needed repairs and repairs were made. The landscaping has a fresh pop of color; every nick and scuff has been repaired and freshly painted. You have deep cleaned, deodorized, depersonalized, and decluttered. Furniture has been ordered for the perfect staging—all you need now is buyers!

While this is a “seller’s market,” connecting with a buyer interested in your home for the asking price or higher does not happen without diligent communication. Most sellers have limited experience selling real estate and draw upon the experience of professional realtors. Real estate communication has changed drastically in the last few years, but real estate agents stay on top of the latest trends and the local market. Here are a few tips to get the word out about your home.

Work With a Quality Local Houston Real Estate Agent

Without checking the internet, name the top three realty firms in your area. While name recognition might not be the only factor in choosing a realtor, it should be a factor. Perhaps you know someone that you trust to do a good job or use the realtor that brought you to your present home. The buyer will have someone advocating for the best deal available. You, the seller, will need someone with your best interest at heart as well.

  • The realtor may take pictures or order them from a local photographer. Trust experience and judgment concerning camera placement and staging.
  • The realtor will have access to multiple online listing services. Your online listing may include keywords that trigger search engines to your home’s attributes.
  • The realtor will advertise to both buyers and other real estate agents.

Finding the agent that best suits your sale might take a little research. Testimonials and word-of-mouth raving are good starts. A great personality will be very beneficial; you will partner together for a mutual best interest.

Be a Working Partner with a Houston Real Estate Agent

Utilize the experience and resources of your real estate agent, but don’t be bashful—get the word out yourself!

  • Let family and friends, colleagues, and acquaintances know you are selling your home. Pass out flyers and make some phone calls.
  • Use your social media accounts, add links to the internet listing posts to your pages. The photos ordered by the realtor came out good, so make sure you spread them about. Refresh your posts as often as needed. You might be surprised how far your social media post travels.

Make the Most of Personal Visits with Your Houston Real Estate Agent

Before you know it, potential buyers will want to see your home up close and personal. Individual showings and open houses can be stressful, but they will need your best efforts. Keeping the home clean, uncluttered, and organized at the drop of a hat might be a little disconcerting, but your realtor will help you plan as much as possible. Successful realtors might have unique sales methods, so anticipate some bonus cinnamon rolls or fresh bread.

Partnering with an excellent real estate agent increases your opportunity to sell your home fast for the asking price or better. All your hard work, combined with some real estate marketing know-how will be a winning combination.

Looking for a Houston Real Estate Agent?

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