Homes Are On The Market For Fewer Days

These days, there are a lot of people interested in buying a house. A stronger economy, more jobs, and years of pent-up demand have led to a rising number of Americans who are eager to make a move. But while that’s positive, more buyers active in the market also means homes sell faster. In fact, according to Nationwide’s recent Health of Housing Markets Report, the average home was on the market for just 67 days in 2017 – with houses in some market going in half that time. That means, buyers need to do their homework, cause they may not have the luxury of being able to take their time debating each home’s pros and cons. It also means good news for sellers. “As we head into spring and the traditional season when sales heat up, buyers will find that desirable homes won’t be on the market for long,” says David Berson, Nationwide’s senior vice president and chief economist. “Today, the average home is on the market almost half the length of time that it was six years ago. Of course, that is good news for people looking to sell their home.” More here.