8 Tips to Sell Your House Faster

Sell Your House Faster with These 8 Simple Tips

About 40% of potential young homebuyers are looking for a “fixer-upper,” either hoping to gain sweat equity or considering it is the only way they can afford to buy a house.1

That means the majority of homebuyers are looking to purchase a move-in-ready home, without a punch list of home improvement projects to complete after moving in. Before you sell your home, you will determine whether you will present it as move-in ready or a fixer-upper.

If you have determined to present your home as move-in ready, there are steps to help you Sell Your House Faster and prepare your home for the process. When people view your home, they will take seconds to make a first impression about the exterior and the interior of your home. Whether you hire professionals or complete tasks yourself, here are some simple tasks to prepare your home for listing and tours. Imagine following the eyes of people viewing your home and improving the “first impression” on these areas of interest.

1 Curb Appeal

Potential homeowners form first impressions in 27 seconds or less. Your lawn and landscape help to form a frame to highlight your house, so focus some attention on the curb appeal. View your front yard with a new vision and take care of some key issues.

    • Trim tree limbs and shrubs—the “haunted house” look is not currently trending
    • Remove leaves and limbs so the new owner doesn’t need to remove them
    • Weed the flowerbeds and plant seasonal flowers to add color pops
    • Consider solar-powered accent lights around landscaping for visual highlights
    • Of course, keep the lawn mowed and trimmed

2 Create an Entrance

Eyes will next focus on the front of the house, as the potential homeowner imagines coming home to this address every day.

    • Replace or repair an old mailbox. This might be at the street or at the door. Make sure the new mailbox
      • Is consistent with your style of house
      • Is consistent with other houses in the neighborhood or distinct by design
      • Is consistent with postal rules and regulations2
    • Repair or replace a damaged garage door.
    • Liven up your front door to help Sell Your House Faster
      • Clean the entry thoroughly, as if you are expecting important guests (you are!)
      • Stain or paint it as needed
      • Clean or polish the doorknob and fixtures
      • Add a potted plant or seasonal wreath for a welcoming touch

Make your main entry a welcoming space for people viewing your home to help you sell your house faster.

3 Minimize Décor to Sell Your House Faster

Try to achieve a balance for a guest between cluttered and empty.

    • If you remain in the home while it is on the market, homebuyers will feel uncomfortable “barging” into someone else’s home. Remove pictures and momentous, leave only necessary household items. Consider boxing up extra belongings and placing them in storage.
    • If you have already made your move, leaving or renting a few furniture pieces will help homebuyers imagine how to use the spaces with their own items.

4 Paint as Needed

The benefit of a fresh coat of paint cannot be overstated. The improvement is immediate, and the result is a fresh, clean appearance. Repair any nicks or scuffs before applying paint. If your doors and woodwork are finished wood, research the best method of resurfacing and finishing, as these are likely desirable features of the style of your home.

If you have freely painted rooms for your taste, this might be the time to cover your paint preferences to appeal to the widest audience. Neutral colors, such as white, off-white, or beige are good choices.

5 Lighten Things Up

Natural light is very desirable, making the space welcoming and warm. Most people avoid dungeons, right? Remember these suggestions to help sell your house faster.

    • Make sure windows are clean, inside and out
    • Open drapes for viewing or pictures, even if the room will not be used in that manner (bathroom or bedroom). It enhances the atmosphere and makes the room inviting.
    • If the view is less than spectacular or the neighbors too close, consider sheer curtains. They will let in light without focusing on the outside view.

6 Professionally Clean Floors

Unless you plan on replacing the flooring before selling, consider hiring floor cleaning professionals.

    • New flooring is one of the top 2 or 3 home improvement projects homebuyers will make after the purchase. Flooring that does not need to be changed immediately is a big selling point.
    • Professionally cleaned, renewed, and repaired flooring requires tools and supplies most homeowners do not possess. Giving your floors a sparkling clean appearance is equivalent to applying fresh paint to the walls.

7 Keep Kitchens and Bathrooms Clean

Two focal points for visiting eyes will be the kitchen and bathrooms. You may not be able to do anything about the size or position of these rooms, but you can make sure they are the best they can be:

    • Empty and clean cabinets, drawers, pantries, and closets.
    • Clean sinks, stovetop, oven (yes, it is a must), counters, refrigerator, and freezer
    • Clean sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers
    • Inspect and replace caulk and grout as needed in the view of a homebuyer. The presence of mold or mildew will reduce the demographic of potential homebuyers

8 Backyard Vision

Typically, the backyard is the last place guests will visit. They will envision themselves sunning themselves, swimming, or cooking outside, depending on your space. Whether a condo patio or spacious outdoor space, prepare your backyard for guests.

    • Groom the lawn, trees, and shrubs in the backyard, just like you did the front of the house
    • Declutter the backyard, leaving just enough furniture to spark the imagination about how it can be used
    • Pressure wash the patio, deck, and/or fence
    • Stain or paint as needed

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Sell Your House Faster

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