No one wants to make big decisions hastily. It’s a great way to make mistakes and end up with regrets. Which is why, in an ideal situation, home buyers would have time to consider the pros and cons of multiple houses and choose the one that best fits their needs and wishlist. Unfortunately, in a competitive market, that’s not always possible. And so, buyers have to be prepared and ready to make an offer when they see a house they like. The good news is, now that inventory is beginning to rise and houses are staying on the market longer, home buyers have more time to weigh their decision. In fact, according to a recent survey, the number of buyers who made an offer on a house without seeing it first has fallen 15 percent since late last year. This is a good indication that buyers are feeling some relief and aren’t feeling pressured to move as quickly as they were when inventory was tighter. But though this is encouraging news for potential buyers, it doesn’t mean the market isn’t competitive. If you’re interested in purchasing a home any time soon, it’s still best to do your homework, be prepared, prequalified, and ready to make an offer when you find a house you like. More here.