Investment Purchases Testimonials

In my experience working with Ronnie and Cathy’s team, specifically with Amanda Vaughan, I can summarize their operation in three words: integrity, knowledge, and execution. I first started working with Amanda in the beginning of 2014. Being new to the Houston area, I found Amanda’s daily property updates to have quickly helped me get a good “feel” of the market. The updates include critical information that allowed me to quickly identify which are properties I should bid on and take action immediately. This data-driven knowledge helps me be an agile and educated investor.

Ronnie and Cathy’s team has also considered the entire process of closing. After winning the properties, Heather took over the process to move the properties to a close. The entire process was like being chaperoned. Also, they have considered smaller steps in between, but steps that can derail the deal. For example, I once almost missed the option period deadline, only to have to pay FedEx Same Day delivery (over $300 to send a $100 check). Ronnie and Cathy already have set up an automatic process to pay the option fee remotely for their clients, which is a big deal for me as a remote investor. Really great execution.

Finally, and most importantly, integrity. In one of my deals, there were some questions about the value of the property, and the question was raised whether or not I should move forward. Amanda stuck her neck out and showed me data that I did indeed get a good deal. I closed on the property, and it turned out to be a good buy. Amanda could have stayed quiet and I would have moved on, missing this opportunity. That would have been the safe and easy thing for her to do. But it took someone with the guts and integrity to say what she believe is right. Thanks to Amanda, I now have that good property I was almost going to walk away from.

In summary, based on my experience, Ronnie and Cathy’s team is one of a few groups of professionals I will recommend, and I intend to continue working with them.

-Kevin T.

As a first-time real-estate investor I was more than happy with the support and service I received from Amanda Vaughan and her team. Amanda was responsive, professional and helped guide me through this process from start to finish. The house we bought was rented within days and we are more than pleased with this investment. I wholeheartedly recommend Amanda! She is a pleasure to work with!!

-Tzachi S.

I worked with Amanda to find an investment property in Houston.
I am an out of state investor, so I had to rely heavily on her knowledge and expertise.
Amanda provided a daily list of potential investment properties to choose from.
Once we located the right property, Amanda coordinated the inspection, the contract, and other aspects of the purchase like insurance and property management.
The entire process was very efficient. We managed to get the property under contract, complete the purchase with financing, AND get a tenant in the property, all in less than 3 weeks.
Thank you for all your help, I would highly recommend Amanda for your real estate needs in Houston.

-Avi G.

I worked with Amanda on finding my first investment property in the Houston area and will continue to do so in the future. She is very knowledgeable in the Houston area and is a real asset for anyone looking to buy a home in the area. I am extremely impressed with the quality of investment properties that she sends my way. All of the estimates that she provided were exact. One great example was that Amanda suggested the house I bought would easily rent for $1300. The management company that I work with thought that there was no way the house would rent for that price. Within a week, the house was rented for $1300. I look forward to working with Amanda on finding more investment properties in the Houston area. Thanks Amanda!

-Ran R.

We’ve done four transactions with Amanda. Here are a couple of experiences that keep us coming back, and should give you a reason to talk to Amanda as well: 1. Amanda has flat out turned us away from a property we were interested in. It could have been an easy commission for her, but she knew what we were looking for, and she knew her territory. She didn’t sell us something else or upsell us to a higher property. She just strongly suggested that we wait. We did, and it was the right decision. 2. We were also in contract for another property last year that we almost walked away from. Amanda convinced us that was a good buy – and we bought. We are refinancing right now, and I can tell you from the appraisal, that property was a great buy. I can continue going with examples, but you get the idea. The commission structure incents many realtors to just be order takers. If you want pepperoni in your pizza, you get it. If you want arsenic in your pizza, well, sometimes you also get it also. Once in a while, however, you run across someone who truly has your best interest at heart. For us, that was Amanda.

-Julia S.

It has be a real honor working with Ronnie & Cathy Matthews’ team over the last 5+ years. I’ve seen the immense amount of respect and loyalty first hand provided the Team by our mutual clients over the years and that reflects a true testament to the hard work and dedication in taking care of clients in all facets of their Real Estate needs.

Working with the Ronnie & Cathy Matthews’ team has always given me assurances that our clients have a sales team dedicated to their success, and who places their client’s needs & goals above all others.

-Jim Berman, Broker of ONEprop Property Management